Saturday, 10 Khordad 1399
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شعار سال
شرکت سهامی آب منطقه ای تهران
شرکت سهامی آب منطقه ای تهران
شرکت سهامی آب منطقه ای تهران

Company’s mission


Statement of vista:

The country’s best regional water company in studies and evaluation, sustainable development, quality and quantity protection, utilization of water and hydroelectric resources based on integrated water resource management and economical values of water, environmental considerations, customer satisfaction, improvement of human and technology resources based the logistics of the province.


Long term goals:

1- Supplying drinking, irrigation, industrial and service water from local and outside water sources in compliance with environmental requirements, rights of the benefactors, economical value, land preparation legislations, recycling and reusing water in various sectors.

2- Control of surface waters, prevention of destructive floods, study and execution of the river engineering plans, flood management, establishment of flood prevention and warning systems and division of public and private properties through defining the beds and boundaries of rivers.

3- Creating balance in draining aquifers through structural and non-structural means.

4- Quantitative and qualitative preservation, efficient utilization of water resources, identification of polluting areas, constant monitoring of pollutants, establishment of advanced supervision and inspection regimes and qualitative and quantitative inspection of water resources and sewage.

5- Improvement, development and attention to the needs of human resources to improve efficiency.

6- Outsourcing activities that can be outsourced in execution of Doctrine 44 of the Constitution.