Tuesday, 21 Mordad 1399
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شعار سال
شرکت سهامی آب منطقه ای تهران
شرکت سهامی آب منطقه ای تهران
شرکت سهامی آب منطقه ای تهران

Public Relations


Planning, coordinating and supervising on collecting the information and data released in communication medias, reflecting the goals of plans and activities of the company, management of communication affairs, cultural and exhibitions affairs, company’ publications and improving culture on optimized consumption of water, and giving necessary warnings on water contamination as well as taking measures for addressees in connection with water.

Description of duties:

  1. Planning and coordinating for reflecting goals, policies, activities, plans, functions and positions to audiences
  2. Establishing coordination in holding ceremonies, seminar, occasions, visits, commemorations and entertainment gatherings in terms of providing suitable place, audio-visual facilities and reception by cooperation of public services unit
  3. Planning, development and preparation of calendar of communications, visits, ceremonies, fairs and exhibitions
  4. Development and preparation of interviews plans  for company’s authorities with press and media
  5. Planning and coordination n creating communication with press, radio, television and news agencies
  6. Utilization of news and information released by mass media in surveying views on the activities of the company and preparing analytical reports
  7. Preparation and presenting reports, newsletters, film, pictures and posters about collective activities of company  and collaboration in developing company’s transcript
  8. Planning and supervision on preparation, procurement, subscription and distribution of specialized journals
  9. Planning and supervision on advertisement coverage of buildings, water resources plans and other relevant places
  10. Planning and supervision on good performance of public visits to company’s plans and activities.
  11. Performing coordination and supervision in exhibitions management inside and outside the company with the cooperation and participation of relevant units and centers
  12. Planning and coordinating in improving culture, promoting insight and public kwneoldge on optimized water consumption and pollution of water resources
  13. Launching the information polices of the government
  14. Establishing good coordination  and cooperation  between employees and authorities through holding internal sessions
  15. Management and supervision on electronic information base of the company
  16. Performing other duties related to assigned  duties in the framework of laws, regulations, responsibilities and authorization